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Isabelle Lightwood is a Shadowhunter currently under the New York Conclave.

She is the only daughter of Robert and Maryse Lightwood, the sister of Alec and Max, and the adoptive sister of Jace Herondale. Isabelle was born to Maryse and Robert Lightwood in New York.

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Other players can purchase Wo W Tokens off the auction house with in-game gold.

Blizzard has been adamant for years that it's not currently considering a switch to a free-to-play format for its popular World of Warcraft.

This young actor is known for his acting, singing and martial artist skills.(2008), Finding Hope Now (2010), Rags (2012), Ten Thousand Saints (2015), and I Am Michael (2015).Clary later showed herself and stopped Jace from killing the demon, who, albeit the distraction, was still killed later on.Isabelle, thinking Clary a clueless yet Sighted mundane, even mistook her for a pixie because of her size.Can you believe Bori might actually happen (kind of)?While the two besties could in fact be dating, we think they're just close friends.