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Casey Wilson is an American actress who was an SNL cast member for two seasons from 2008-2009 before going on to star in ABC's Happy Endings. She currently stars in the series Marry Me with SNL alum Tim Meadows.

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the network has given a put-pilot commitment to a single-cam comedy written and executive produced by the duo, which would star Wilson as “a woman whose comfortable life evaporates after she’s exposed as a liar.” executive producer Luke Del Tredici – who wrote the Tina Fey-produced NBC pilot starring Wilson that ultimately was not picked up to series – is also attached to executive produce.New student Marissa Willard (Casey Wilson) joins Marissa and Listler to spread the word on her all female production of “My Fair Lady” on this week’s Womp It Up!Hot Topix leads to us learning about Wompler’s turkey cooking skills, Listler being in the hospital, and Willard being attacked on Thanksgiving.But I’m just loving all the different shows on cable right now. She’s on Grace & Frankie right now, and we’ve been writing together for over ten years. Well, we have more, but — and that is a deeply personal story as well.Lady Dynamite is my favorite show — other than One Mississippi — out there. It’s so wacky and fun and out-there, but then there was this insanely beautiful scene of Maria and her father, played by Ed Begley Jr., at the table, where she’s going through a nervous breakdown, and I was just bawling. It’s almost like there’s permission now to find your own complete tone whereas, I feel, in network, the tones have to be homogenized. Tig’s been someone who I would always go out and see. We wrote it for me to star in, and we’re excited about it. I’ve been doing this podcast called Bitch Sesh, which has taken on a bit of a life of its own. Again, I was not postpartum, but I had just had my baby and I was like, “What can I …” — I love to be creative and perform, and the laziest way to do that is in the kitchen. And so my friend Danielle Schneider and I started doing it, and we’ve been shocked by how many people are listening. Friends are like, “This is the best thing you’ve ever been a part of.” I’m like, “You realize I’m not acting, right?