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And there is no news from these three factors, all various departments shut up, despite how the media knock on the doors.

A media commentator said, although the compensated dating girl incident made people of Shanghai to lose face, but this kind of exposure helps in prevention.

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Losing Face Middle/high school compensated dating girls incident has caught people of Shanghai by surprise, mainly because losing so much face.

However there are probably more early age sexual activates in vocational schools, “after all, vocational schools students are examination-oriented education losers”.

But in Shanghai, media simply reports the case has to do with the following three factors: family, society and school.

Some of the girls come from well-off families, they sell their youth simply because of vanity, love for shopping, pleasure and lack of spending money in hand.

According to investigation, these underage girls are Shanghai locals, from well-off families, but out of greed for money, they take the initiative to look for clients once low on cash.