Consolidating equity investment

Should have some time during the break to get in a few posts re: school and life. You may wonder how this financiere managed to swing a few weeks of vacation in the middle of the year. Yes, friends – yours truly is going to business school. On networking: 1) If you’re an undergrad these days, and you’re contacting alums (or any contacts, really) through a career network or something, try to remember that they’re doing you a favor by talking to you.What is actually amazing to me is that I started this blog about 4 years ago when Obama was first elected president. Preferably one in which people are educated in etiquette, and a place where there’s a sense of decorum in everyday dealings. After a month-long hiatus, which included stops in london, stockholm, and the middle east, I have returned to the glorious U. This means that YOU should make damn sure to a) not be late, b) be overly communicative should something come up, and c) recognize that you’re taking up their time.Is that the impression you want to leave with someone who you’ve never met or spoken to?2) I harp on this point a lot, but remember, finance is a small, small world.He would of course have his blackberry and laptop, and would “review” my work on the road.M&A bankers, above all, try to turn lead into gold.They attempt to “hit” the market just at the right time, finding some buyer who is so desperate to do a deal in which they grotesquely overpay, or they didn’t do enough diligence to really understand the risks.

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In my few years of finance, I’ve seen many different approaches – kiss ass / bendover backwards for the client, being an asshole and blunt and telling it like it is, sterile but good work and smart, slimey but providing good intel on competition, etc.

The world doesn’t feel that much better or different, really. In more than one instance, I have agreed to speak to some naive, socially inept summer interns from my alma mater, only to find that they’ve either forgotten about the call or had something come up.

In addition to that, it’s usually followed by radio silence until they “realize” the error of their ways.

You could imagine the awkward conversation I had with the head of our HR. I didn’t know he was applying here..” HR: “Oh..what’s he like? No bake-off/beauty contest was needed as the CEO of the company was a close, personal friend of one of the senior bankers.

Couple that with the fact that our bank’s proprietary investment arm had taken a stake in the company and we were in business as shoe-ins for sell-side advisory work.