Dating a married man for his money

The former famously drove ten miles back to a Los Angeles restaurant which he suspected over overcharging him by £4 for a bottle of mineral water he didn’t order.

Jagger, worth around £205 million and routinely described as a skinflint by everyone who knows him, once gave his staff a pot plant each for Christmas.

Women who knowingly date married men are often viewed with contempt.

'We have a weekend cottage in the country that’s really grotty, but he won’t pay for it to be decorated, and he certainly never lets me put the central heating on.Is it possible to have a loving relationship with a penny-pinching partner, or does an obsession with money and a lack of generosity ruin romance?New research has revealed that in 44 per cent of troubled marriages, money was a source of tension.‘To some degree it’s relative; one person’s meanness could be another person’s generosity, but very often control of money is a power issue within a relationship,’ says Northam.‘Being mean about what’s spent can be a way of dominating your partner and dictating how they live.