Dating a woman with emotion baggage bidatingsites com

All women have a relationship history that defines who they are today.

But that history is supposed to help improve them to be a better person, better lover, more self-aware, and a better partner in life.

So if you feel like she's always reaching for answers you want to hear and acting in a way you would want to see then you can bet she is on her best behavior in order to make you happy with her.

These 5 issues boil down to self-esteem and self-worth in the end, but as you can see they all appear in different ways.

Fear is a Friend in Disguise Relationships: Why Do Some People Stay In Touch With Their Ex?So here are some signs to watch for that sends a huge warning of "I got baggage and it will be your problem too! She is Insecure For No Reason You have barely asked her out on a date and she is already insecure around you!She asks you why you would want to date HER of all people or what you could possibly find attractive in her.If she is still chasing down the drug addict who steals from her then you can bet she feels that a man like that is what she deserves because that's all she has ever had.This is again low self-esteem that needs to be resolved. Is on an Emotional Roller Coaster If she is always in a different mood when you see her then she most likely has a lot of issues and struggles going on in her head.