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The wheel on the side of the watch that is used to set time. Transmits the stored energy from the mainspring to the escapement through a series of small gears.

Used as bearings to reduce metal-to-metal friction and wear, they improve performance and accuracy.

Comparing the world’s most reputable, respected and prestigious luxury wristwatch brands fascinates quite many people, and indeed this global fascination for luxury watches, has produced this very article.

The luxury wristwatch is the ultimate example of a highly personal, wearable and portable object of value, which not only can last an entire lifetime, but can even be handed down to the next generation.

Manual Movement Automatic Movement Quartz Movement A manual movement, frequently called a hand-wound movement, is the oldest type of watch movement made, dating back to the 16th century. Manual movements are the most traditional movements and are usually found in very conservative, expensive, and collectable watches. The kinetic energy from winding the crown is transferred to the coil-shaped mainspring, which stores the energy by getting tighter and tighter.

Rubies are used because they absorb heat well and are extremely hard. Turning the crown winds the mainspring, causing it to store energy. The gear train transfers the energy to the escapement. The escapement meters out the energy into regulated parts. The balance wheel uses this regulated energy to beat back and forth at a constant rate. Every certain number of beats, the dial train transfers the energy to the hands of the watch. It winds itself while worn on the wrist, eliminating the need for daily hand winding.

Patek Philippe is an independent and family owned watchmaker, though not by the founding family.

Next to Rolex, Patek Philippe has the best resale value.

Acts like a brake, taking the energy transmitted from the mainspring through the gear train and pushing it out into equal, regular parts.

The heart of the movement, receiving the energy to run from the escapement.