Dating nemadji pottery marks

Nemadji was certainly not the first manufacturer who decorated pottery with a marbled effect.

English agateware, mochaware, European ceramics in the 19th century and some Japanese ceramics as far back as the 16th century all used swirled clays or glazes to approximate the rich veining of marble.

The name “Nemadji” is an Ojibwe word meaning “left-handed,” but was easily misunderstood to be the name of a tribe.

In the information sheet that accompanied their pots, Nemadji stressed that their wares were made with the same clays and shapes used by Native Americans.

Today their pottery is plentiful and relatively inexpensive, making it easy for collectors to make groups of earthy brown, sunset red or sky blue vases.

one of the things i’d like to do at home is build up my ceramics & glassware collection.

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Popular for more than 70 years, Nemadji finally ceased production in 2001.Using a technique similar to marbling paper, the fired vase was hand-dipped into the water and swirled in the floating colors.The pieces did not have to be refired and dried quickly, creating uniquely decorated pots every time.i would probably end up filling my house with these, if only i could get my hands on some can find them on Etsy and e Bay – click on the pictures to be taken to the source (some of them are already sold, unfortunately!