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Baugher's Bakery features over 20 pie varieties and are very proud of our homemade fruit, custard and cream pies baked fresh daily.Visit Baugher's Fruit Market, right next door to our restaurant, open all year long, 7 days a week.Teachers at Edenbridge Primary School, Kent, believed it was alcoholic but the drink, a traditional children's favourite, contains just a tiny fraction of alcohol and was sold to the youngster legally.It is classed as a soft drink by the UK Food Standards Agency.But what is this really about for them and what is its long term impact on us?Are we just seeing the sort of self-involvement that is inherent in adolescent-like behavior? " Or is this a more insidious reflection of growing narcissism among our general population? " As a psychologist who specializes in self-image and self-esteem, it's a question I'm often asked.You will be taken to the fields in our tractor-driven wagons and returned to the Farm Market where you will find pies and pastries, homemade fudge tasty ice cream, interesting merchandise, and many other fruit and vegetables Baugher's Petting Zoo & Playgrounds entertain young and old alike!

Year Six pupil Asa is devastated because it meant he missed the last few days of his time at primary school, including a trip to Chessington World of Adventures with his friends.

They have now stopped selling the drink to children.

Asa's angry mother is furious that the 'heavy-handed' exclusion will go on her son's school record.

Although he could have returned yesterday, Asa and his mum were so upset at the school's decision that they decided not to send him back to school at all. It's completely ruined what has been a happy time for him at his primary school.'Obviously when you're in Year Six and it's your last week you want to celebrate with all your friends but Asa hasn't been able to do that.'Some people may think I should have sent him back to school on Thursday but the school's actions have left Asa too upset to celebrate.'Cott Beverages Limited, who market Ben Shaw's Bitter Shandy in the UK, confirmed it has an alcohol content of less than 0.5 per cent and is not illegal to sell to children.

On Asda's website Ben Shaw's Bitter Shandy is described as 'a carbonated lemon flavour drink with beer, sugar & sweetener'.