Dating poem

Though a platinum ring may take you a long way; going for the simple touch could just blind side your date.

One of the simplest approaches since love was born has been through love poems.

The recordings of people’s voices and their photographs work together, creating one world that suggests the possibility of another. The experiences of some citizens reach out to others with the hope of a different future, created together.

Acting differently starts with thinking differently, and art is a mysterious shortcut to help us take on these new perspectives.

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The site comes packed with a collection of love, romance and relationships resources including advice, poetry, quotes, dedications, chat, horoscopes, romantic ideas, and message boards.A scroll down the webpage reveals over 300 love poems…a lot of them by legends of verse like Yeats and Tennyson.Some also have been submitted by enthusiastic poets and you can also submit your own.The farmers are going to pay for us to go over, display all the equipment, you know, to make this protest about pylons, and that.’So I said, ‘OK.’ So I went over with them, and whilst I was over there, I was there for three years, and I met a French girl and we got together, and she was a nanny at the time, and she gave up her job and come on the protest with me, and er…And then we moved to France, to where she comes from. The first situation, when I come in the country in 2004, I stay in Kent, Hastings. So I was there for one year, and then unfortunately my case was closed, the Home Office they say, ‘OK, your case is finished, so you have to go back home.’ When they picked me up, and then I stayed two days the next day, they come took me to detention centre.