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The acme of the arena attic is 5 meters, and the aboriginal attic of 5.8 meters.

There are columns of the acme of the arena floor, both arctic and south ancillary of the castle.

It has been traditionally recognized as an up market, affluent residential area.

Previously Dhanmondi was more of a quiet location but recently it has become a very busy area with many shopping malls, plazas, banks, restaurants, hospitals, educational institutions as well as art galleries.

Dhanmondi is one of the much planned locations of Dhaka which was developed back in the 1950s and is located almost in the center of the city.The inscription tablet in Arabic (only the word ‘built by’ is in Persian) dating the building to 966 AH (1558-59 AD) is fixed over its eastern central entrance.Although built during Suri rule, it is not influenced at all by the earlier Suri architecture of North India, and is well grounded in the Bengal style.On a hot summer like this a walk beside the lake can be very relaxing and enchanting to pass the leisure times.Built in 1872 and standing on the river Buriganga, this stately building offers the visitors a feeling of the life-style of the Nawabs of Dhaka.