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Click this link on How to change Definitions update frequency.

Keep in mind that whatever setting you choose will require the computer to be left on for specified amount of time before VIPRE will check for an update.

Right-click the appropriate site, select Properties, and go to the Ports tab: Ensure the firewall on the management point, clients, and any intervening firewalls are set to allow communication over the specified port.

Client notification can also fall back to using HTTP and HTTPS if needed.

This is commonly caused by intermittent or no internet access or shutting down your computer during the definition update process.

Definitions may need to be manually downloaded and applied for it to work again.

Beginning with Configuration Manager 2012 SP1, a new infrastructure component was introduced called Client Notification.

Unlike the traditional policy channel, the client notification channel is push-based and provides an almost instant method of communication with clients.

System Center Endpoint Protection can also be controlled remotely through the new client notification channel.I'm happy to help via post comments but do not take responsibility for issues.If VIPRE is unable to update the threat definitions, this can be due to the definition files being corrupted.If the client is brought online after one hour, the task will not be pushed as it will have expired.The client operation status can be monitored in the Configuration Manager Console under Monitoring “I work in my position because of my passion to help people understand technology that helps solve problems.”Q has worked in the tech industry for over 10 years.