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The production control room facilitates production of live, or live-to-tape broadcast quality events.The post production facilities make it possible to create videos with graphics, transitions, music, and special effects.I could do all the things I do in a regular lesson!I had my own copies of the music she was studying, but we could hold the music up to the camera to show markings.In addition, they had the opportunity to discuss with composer Pcs the optimal interpretation of her work.The university wanted to determine the feasibility of doing long-distance master classes for students at schools with similar technology.After moving to the Seattle area from upstate New York, where I had taught harp for several years, I left behind several orphaned students and began searching for ways to still be able to assist them in their harp progress.

Mc Gill has the same high-tech equipment as UBC, so it worked uncannily well!It is called VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, software that allows for video phone calls on a computer utilizing internet technology. (Yahoo, AIM and others also offer video messaging, so if you have problems with Skype you can easily try something else.)When I began teaching Celtic harp, I followed the pattern of teaching that had been ingrained in me for the past 35 years.It wasnt until I was asked by Pamela Bruner to edit her three books, Play the Harp Beautifully, that I consider that the methods to teach, specifically Celtic harp, could be different.While many were of high quality, there was an essential part missing; a live teacher beside ones own harp.I concluded that the immediacy of teaching, correcting or affirmation cannot be duplicated by self-study books or VHS/DVD instruction.