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App Publishers want secure authentication that customers can - and will - actually use.Zo Om is the first and only biometric authenticator that meets these demands.Take a picture or load a photo or video from the Gallery, and Obscura Cam will automatically detect faces that you can pixelate, redact (blackout) or protect with funny nose and glasses.You can also invert pixelate, so that only the person you select is visible, and no one in the background can be recognized.Define Babe is a global database of all pornstars and babes who have ever been filmed for online adult industry. Here you will find bio, pics galleries and video clips content of a fair amount of babes.This site is supported by the team who has much experience in adult sites development. This collaboration grew out of an open hackday at the 2010 Open Video Conference.

Ever capture someone in a photo or video, then realize they may not want to be in it?

Identification Liveness = Authentication Zo Om tracks the changing perspective of the user as they move the phone towards their face.

During the ~1.5 second natural motion, proprietary algorithms track and process thousands of face data points from upwards of 30 video frames and compares them in milliseconds.

If you can take a selfie, you can log in with Zo Om.

Simply center your face in the oval and move the phone a few inches closer to your face.