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Everything was halal, there was fruit and veg galore and every angle was blocked off, right down to selecting your own fruit and taking them to a waiter who would turn them into a juice in front of your eyes.

Every meal was taken either beach or poolside, with incredible views of the villas and jetty, with the sun either rising or saying goodbye for the night in the background.

Upon arrival it quickly felt as though my brain wasn’t big enough to take in everything that was going on.

How was I going to be able to capture everything I could see on camera?

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It only cost us roughly £10 each in English coin, but we felt oddly mugged. I wanted to do something a bit different today and I’ve handed over the blog to my husband Wayne for a guest post!I was going to write one myself but Wayne had already written a post for Victoria Marie over at This Is The Life so I thought, why reinvent the wheel?Again, though, it was difficult to feel comfortable in the regal surroundings.We were on holiday, so shorts and t-shirts were abound, but I did feel a little as though I should be in a jacket and tie – the Prime Minister even popped in on one night. I felt in my element amidst all the bargain-price football shirts and sunglasses and revelled in bartering with the local traders.