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I am of the firm conviction that the site administrator is unaware of what is going on and i am sure she often make up a lot of flimsy excuses when questioned.I urge the site administrator to remove her from being moderator because of her misconduct and have absolutely no respect for freedom of speech.If one is truly experiencing the lulz, they will be invulnerable to all attack.Lulz is known to show other life lessons by any means necessary, such as to not download CP, especially under the alias you use for everything else and to not be an attention whore.So far these are the ones that report others to the moderator Kyra/kyras who intern do not try to find out what happens, but only continue to ban others while the closely connected ones continue their disrespectful behavior at others.I urgently ask the site administrator to make immediate change to save the site from being hijack to only one set of people.When this occurs, the lulz can effectively become the "lulls" in the humor continuum...which open up into gaping, sucking holes leading to the Anti-Lulz.

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It was witness on many occasion that these ID’s : priscilla1945, woodswomanvt, gary2004, Ezsy Rider, odimmis, Deafsweetlady.

This makes it inherently superior to lesser forms of humor.

Anonymous gets big lulz from pulling random pranks. Just as the element of surprise transforms the physical act of love into something beautiful, the anguish of a laughed-at victim transforms lol into lulz, making it longer, girthier, and more pleasurable.

According to Mattathias Schwartz of the New York Times, Lulz is "how trolls keeps score" and is defined as "the joy of disrupting another窶冱 emotional equilibrium".

Given that lulz has been extensively covered by both FAWCKS NUUZ and the NYT, it would seem to be notable; however, it is only accorded one small section of the Wikipedia article on Lol.