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Burrows said, "I knew that the boys had captured a genre and a group of characters I have never read before." The filming of the pilot began on March 15, 1998.

The actors behind Will and Grace, Eric Mc Cormack and Debra Messing, were positive about the series and they thought it had the potential to last long on television.

Despite initial criticism for its particular portrayal of homosexual characters, it went on to become a staple of NBC's Must See TV Thursday night lineup and was met with continued critical acclaim.

It was ensconced in the Nielsen top 20 for half of its network run.

The curator Dwight Blocker Bowers stated that the sitcom used "comedy to familiarize a mainstream audience with gay culture" that was "daring and broke ground" in American media.

When the set was removed in April 2014, rumors came up about a cast reunion, but the actors involved denied that such a reunion was planned.

"They went out for a couple of years, then they went off to different colleges.

Throughout its eight-year run, Will & Grace earned 16 Emmy Awards and 83 nominations.

He's not exploring that awkward territory for the first time, as Ellen did.

The process of self-discovery and the pain most gay men go through is fascinating, but the average American is put off by it." Burrows liked the idea and when he first read the script in November 1997, he decided that he wanted to direct it.

Each main actor, with the exception of Morrison, received an Emmy Award throughout the series.

In 2014 the Writers Guild of America placed the sitcom at number 94 in their list of the 101 Best Written TV series of all time.