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So then I sat there, reading /r/incest and watching porn on my phone.When my phone finally buzzed in my hand, I nearly dropped it.I thought I'd get a bigger reaction from Dad, but then I realized he had his eyes closed and was just enjoying the blowjob.He ran his hand through Mom's hair and moaned a bit, saying, "you can go a bit faster." I heard her pop her mouth off his dick just long enough to say, "I feel like taking my time tonight, baby, but I know you're going to end up with these balls totally empty." Dad sort of lazily opened one eye to look down at her and saw me in the doorway, watching them. She made an appreciative little sigh that made me feel pretty good about my body.I realized I could actually hear the audible slurping sounds she made as she sucked him.I pushed the door open really slowly, and I even noticed my hand trembling a bit as I pressed it against the door.So we stayed upstairs, sharing some wine, and watching Chopped on Netflix.

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I started to ride him and he was thrusting into me.

I think he'd kill just to play with them...thinks you're so hot.... I'm blabbering" She sort of giggled and arched an eyebrow..."I didn't know Ken found me attractive, but I guess we look enough alike that it makes is flattering to know i can still turn on a younger man." "Yeah, you're actually on his list, you know? " "You know, five people he's allowed to fuck if they say yes. " She sputtered a bit and turned a very bright red, which I took as a yes. It was soft at first, then her hand was in my hair and...damn, my mom can kiss. " She was nodding along as I spoke, and it was odd..was the most I had been aware of her as *my mom* the whole evening, earlier I had been in this odd fugue state of her being a girl I wanted to have fun with, but her calm, mature, almost business-like nods made me really reconcile her as both my mom and a sexual partner..I wanted it.

You're on his, you and dad are both on mine, couples make them all the time now." I say, as quickly and casually as I can muster, my face turning bright red.. I mean, I know you're my parents and stuff but having heard you through the walls and knowing that you've had friends *doing air quotes here* just kind of made you guys stand out." Mom blushed here and did her thinking face, which made me decide I was in now-or-never territory and needed to press quickly before she decided against it. I don't know how long we made out, it felt like an hour, but it was probably only a few minutes before her other hand made it my breast, kneading it softly, which made me moan into her mouth. "Oh, I'm sure," I said, "I've wanted this for a long, long time...... Ken said he's okay with it, but he also...wants in. "Well, as you know, your dad and I don't mind sharing each other..that's not really the big deal.

"Guess that means you'll have to fuck me from behind, Dad." As I got on all fours and began to tongue mom, wrapping my arms under her legs and using my hands to spread her apart, baring her clit to my tongue, my father got behind me and THRUST his cock into me. I couldn't help but moan around her clit as he thrusted while Mom talked dirty to him.

"Fuck her, fuck our girl, fuck her harder, that's it baby, lick me, lick Mommmy, make Mommy cum!