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Dating and finding a mate in the 21st century may seem strange and complicated, but that’s because we have so much more freedom and choice than any of our ancestors ever did.

As we have more choice we are forced to ask deeper questions and examine our own desires and motives at a deeper level.

(IKDG), a book offering Christians a new approach to dating and romance. Stories of damaging consequences affecting many people who encountered IKDG served to highlight the book’s shortfalls, according to Harris who addressed his reevaluation during a recent Tedx event.

Starting her career on stage by acting on plays like ‘You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else’ and ‘Doing The Right Thing With The Wrong Man’, she went on to work on the famous stage production ‘Beauty Shop’.

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The event has been a pioneer in motivating, and guiding children between the ages of 3 and18.

It helps with building their self-confidence to handle their school life and provides school supplies for 2000 students.