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(This is an idea and we hope it catches on.) Now in its third season, “Younger” recently upped the Jewish content with an observant Jewish lesbian, Malkie (Sally Pressman), who’s the love interest of Liza’s best friend and roommate, Maggie, who is not Jewish (though she is played by actress Debi Mazar, who has a Jewish father).

She just may be the first gay Orthodox character to have a major arc on a mainstream television show. (Spoiler alert: She was moving too fast for Maggie but they ended on good terms, so we’re hoping she’ll show up again.) After all, Jewish gay characters are rarely shown on television, and neither are Orthodox characters of any kind — so to have a character that is both is a win for visibility in itself.

I never asked because I was still trying to figure out who I really was and what I wanted.

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