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Yahoo LX200GPS user group message 103854: I have just installed Buck's Gears on my 12" LX200GPS.Going through the adjustment process with the installation and using PEMPro to set my backlash has worked wonders for my backlash problems.If you--or any other group members-- have any additional tips, please post them! Yahoo LX200GPS user group message 105351: I had a severe retrograde backlash in my DEC gear of a 10" LX200 ACF and I decided to pull the gears apart and perform a Buck's Tune-Up....What I found wedged underneath the DEC worm gear (which pivots) was a extra screw from manufacturing.This all suggested that there was a serious problem with the telescope mount.

Pictures where taken of the main board before its removal on 2016-11-28 to show the position of the various leads (as a check for when new board was installed at a later date).The remaining 50% of the Buck's Gears kit improvement is what you achieve with Buck's Drive Tune-Up.This upgrade is actually a Buck's Gears kit without the gears!The report came back on 2016-12-08 that the main board had indeed failed and couldn't be resurrected, but the handbox was ok.I choose to have a new main board ordered from Meade for a cost of 330.