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Also, [director] Brin [Hill] didn’t want us being pulled with our eye to the sound of the other person’s voice.So if they were standing behind the camera, I think you’re so used to using someone for eyeline off camera, I know that the first couple days we learned that if we put Michael near a camera I would look at him inadvertently. Michael Stahl-David: The opposite of your typical acting exercise. Did you ever want to tell your characters, “Stop talking in public? Zoe Kazan: The truth is that Joss wrote this movie in 1992 or something.

I spoke with Michael Stahl-David to mark the return of Narcos, and I had to ask the question on everyone's mind: Does the death of Escobar mean the show is headed toward its conclusion, or is it going off in an exciting new direction?” The answer was because this is actually supposed to be 1992 so just don’t ask those questions. This is before “Buffy.”Zoe Kazan: He’d done drafts since then. I bet neither of you had done a love scene alone before, had you?He sort of rewrote it over many years but I know that the original conception was when he first moved to L. Michael Stahl-David: Well, I wouldn’t call it a love scene, meaning that I’ve masturbated before on film., just premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and is now available for from In Your Eyes Zoe Kazan and Michael Stahl-David play Rebecca and Dylan, two people in different parts of the country who share a telepathic link.