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Many states take adultery into account when deciding how to divide a couple’s money and property during a divorce.

Periodic alimony can be temporary, lasting for a certain number of months or years, or permanent, lasting until either spouse dies or the supported spouse gets remarried.

If a spouse’s affair negatively impacted the children, however, a court can consider that, along with all other evidence about each spouse’s parenting abilities.

Find more information about the divorce process in New Hampshire, read New Hampshire Divorce Basics.

A spouse’s adultery can affect alimony in New Hampshire, but it is not automatic that any adultery will bar a cheating spouse from receiving alimony.

For adultery to make the cheating spouse ineligible for alimony, the following three factors must be met: When a divorce is caused by one spouse’s infidelity, the faithful spouse can probably prove that they suffered mental suffering because of the adultery.