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I chose to live without a car and it's been a pain in the ass. Has anyone ever been or considered becoming a drug dealer? [ I know this is supposed to be considered joyous celebration vs angry mobs..are my views.

I currently live in a small-midsize city (think Denver/Minneapolis/Portland).

Both of them are doing their own thing and I think that’s a good thing.' 'They’re happy working separately because when you’re in somebody’s pocket for 20 odd years brothers don’t always get on do they.

Every family is like that aren’t they.' Liam confirmed he has finally reconciled with his estranged brother Noel on Tuesday, after years of fighting.

Taking to his Twitter page, he revealed the pair were on good terms again, after his older sibling 'reached out to him' ahead of the festive season.

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I’m doing my thing, he’s doing his thing and that is the end of it,' he said.Their appearance at the Rock en Seine festival that evening was cancelled minutes before it was due to begin, leaving thousands of fans disappointed. 'A lot of people go, 'Oh, leave it in the past, you were great then'.Noel then released a statement on the band's website two hours later, which read: 'It is with some sadness and great relief [...] I quit Oasis tonight. Mate, if we ever got back together, it would be happening. So there is unfinished business there, but we'll see what happens.In an interview with the Irish Mirror, Peggy said she thought the split had been positive for her sons:'I think so because I really think they needed that break away from each other,” she said.'And Liam is doing really well thank God, everything is going just lovely for him now.