Online dating loads of profile views

If you were a woman and you were talking about guys, your argument might have some merit.But women aren't exactly known for leaping to take the initiative when it comes to dating.As the others have said, sometimes it is just to see a closer look of what is in the picture. For example, your profile says you are looking to date, but nothing serious.To alot of women, that means you want the benefits of dating a woman..i.e sex, without any commitment.

Message: I viewed *November babee*'s so I could see what's on her head, and also jerseygirl2008 because it looks like she's holding food.

While I agree with Dean in a lot of ways -- like that what is important is who you are interested in -- looking at who has viewed you does have value.

(Particularly since I assume you wouldn't message someone who viewed you if you weren't interested in them.) Keep in mind that this is a Match statistic not an overall online dating metric.

I had a woman email me once to say that, "Well, you viewed my profile, but you didn't email me, so that must mean that you're not interested?

"I figure there are a lot of women out there that feel the same way.