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I didn't open the blinds.'My parents began to get worried about me, and although they said they'd support me no matter what, they began to speak about our decision to place my baby up for adoption.'My dad just said what Kaden and me had already talked about, that our baby deserved to wake up in his crib and have both a mom and dad there to love him.'I was so torn about it for a while but one day I woke up and I just felt this unexplainable peace. It was what was best for our baby.'Hannah met Taggart's adoptive parents Emily and Brad through when she was pregnant and said their profile on the site 'felt so right'.

In March 2016, Hannah went into labor two weeks before her due date and welcomed baby Taggart Kaden into the world in Utah Valley Hospital in Provo.

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' But I never once thought that I wouldn't.'It was so difficult because in the front of my mind was Kaden. Birth mother Hannah Mongie with her baby Taggart (centre) .

Hannah is still very much a part of Taggart's life thanks to an open adoption agreement with his parents Brad (with son Carter, three) and Emily Marsh (right)'I wanted Tag to know when he is older just how I felt in that moment and to explain to him why I chose adoption.'A lot of birth moms write letters but I decided to do a video. For months after Tag was placed I didn't even cry.'When he was about four months old I showed it to my friend and I just broke down completely in his arms.'I eventually showed the video to Emily and it was a really special moment between us.'Baby Taggart is now 22-months-old and Hannah is very much a part of his life, thanks to the open adoption agreement between the families.

But she was 'shattered' when Kaden, a church missionary, passed away in his sleep from natural causes two months later.

The pair had already discussed adoption but after Kaden's death, Hannah initially struggled with the idea of going ahead.'I couldn't think,' she explained to her son in the video, 'From the day your Daddy died I had a hard time even considering placing you with a different family when you were my last piece of Kaden.