Outlook updating inbox takes forever

One particular user is having an issue from a laptop. 1) Configured user's Outlook 2013 profile to point to Office 365.

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Reason being it takes a few hours to download the application due to bandwidth limitation and the user in question is already working 16 hour days, so for him to be without a machine for only a few hours is crippling.Manage them with an intuitive GUI and use handy built-in cropping and resizing options.Link photos with users based on Azure AD attributes. This link is horrible on step one there are already issues: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/remove-Office-manually-1d1110d5-75a4-4154-969e-4260ff29b232 where it cannot delete the folder due to it being open (which it is not).I can see about 23K mails when I check the synchronization through the inbox properties.And somehow, it had updated up to 15K and now nothing happens. It appears like what @RDrast has already pointed out.