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Unfortunately, there comes the time when every seduction adventure comes to an end.

I know from my own experience how painful this time can be.

I experienced firsthand how good it feels to lead women who are craving for strong men.

I also experienced how adventurous, how passionate and how exciting relationships with feminine and supportive women can be.

You are surrounded by people who constantly walk around with a facial expression as if their whole family just died in a horrible car crash.

Allow yourself to fall in love and experience it first-hand how incredible it is to wake up next to a gorgeous foreign woman… Even though I instinctively knew that I am not ready to settle down, I still had an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach when I kissed her goodbye.The moment I immersed into the mystery of dating foreign women my ideal of beauty changed forever.My trip to Poland was just the beginning of a never-ending passion to explore the world in search of the most beautiful women.One of the most dangerous things about dating foreign women is that it is addictive.As you can imagine I happily live with this addiction.