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Eventually, WTXX entered into a part-time LMA with WVIT (channel 30).After talks with Counterpoint fell through, Renaissance moved most of WTXX's stronger programming to WTIC, creating a stronger lineup for channel 61.Extensive litigation followed as the contracts that were standard in the industry at that time stated that if a single payment was missed, no more programs would be provided, but the station was still required to pay the full amount due under the contract.As the litigation progressed, the shows were replaced by low-budget barter programming.Some programming (such as older sitcoms), however, was returned to their syndication distributors and wound up first on WTWS (channel 26, now Ion Television owned-and-operated station WHPX-TV) and then WTVU (channel 59, now My Network TV affiliate WCTX).The cartoons that did not move to WTIC were sold to WVIT, which ultimately moved them back to WTXX.The weekday cartoons ended at the end of 2001 when Fox ended its weekday kids' block.Since Fox began airing sports programming in 1994, WTIC has had to deal with issues regarding Major League Baseball and NFL coverage.

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Grasso, the first woman to serve as governor of Connecticut, who died in 1981; Grasso's son was a minority partner in Chase's group.WTIC-TV began operation on September 17, 1984, with a special live broadcast hosted by TV star Eddie Albert and longtime WTIC radio personality Bob Steele.Originally, it was a general entertainment independent station running cartoons, sitcoms, old movies, CBS shows pre-empted by WFSB, ABC shows pre-empted by WTNH (channel 8), NBC shows pre-empted by WVIT (channel 30), drama series, and sports in competition with the established independent station in the market, WTXX (channel 20, now sister station WCCT).That year, Chase agreed to sell its four television stations—WTIC-TV, WATL in Atlanta, KDVR in Denver, and WXIN in Indianapolis—to Renaissance Broadcasting, owner of WTXX. To comply with prevailing FCC regulations, Renaissance sold WTXX to a Roman Catholic non-profit group, Counterpoint Communications; both deals were completed in March 1993.Renaissance tried to negotiate a local marketing agreement (LMA) with Counterpoint in which it would buy WTXX's entire broadcast day, except for overnights and an hour during the day in which WTXX was to run Catholic programming.