Updating magellan roadmate 760

A small light sensor on the front of the unit allows the 760 to automatically adjust brightness and contrast depending on ambient light levels.It's a nice touch that helps you keep your eyes on the road instead of focused on fiddling with screen settings during your journey.Simplicity is the name of the game with the 760, and in keeping with that, the unit's integration with a PC is minimal.

Manual - English (for the UK) - Page 115 Backup and Restore The Magellan Road Mate 760 has the capability to back up when you have finished, select Save. When you wish to have a..incidents you can also chose which you have finished, select Save. normal wear and tear; (2) batteries; (3) finishes; (4) installations or defects resulting from installation; (5) any damage caused by ...Plus, the unit had intuitive controls that offered fast rerouting when you missed a turn or decided to take a detour.With the successor model, the Road Mate 760, Magellan has kept everything the same, while adding a few features that make this model a compelling upgrade or a great first-time unit for folks who are just joining the vehicle GPS craze.A slot on the side of the 760 is provided for a memory card; Magellan says future expansion cards will be made available.A flip-up antenna is located on the back of the unit, but if you want maximum reception in all conditions, or if your windshield has a thermal coating, you'll want to spring for a wired external antenna.