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Kushavati, modern day Kushinagar, a town near Gorakhpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh was the capital of Kusha’s kingdom.During the times of Mahabharata, Kosala Kingdom was split into five.And he fought on the side of the Kauravas in the Mahabharata war at Kurukshetra!Mahabharata, while describing the ratings Bhishma gave to each major warrior on their side before the war, says that the warrior skills of Brihadbala were rated to be one Ratha.After Rama, his sons Lava and Kusha inherited the kingdom which was divided into North Kosala, to the north of Ayodhya and East Kosala, to the east of Ayodhya. During the times of Gautama Buddha, Sravasti was one of the six largest cities in India.Buddhaghosa, a 5th century Buddhist scholar says that the city had a population of 180 million during the times of Buddha.

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The phone camera footage posted by a You Tube user, who has since deleted it, but shared by several non-government news outlets Tuesday, shows two Russian military helicopters flying over a rural field, where a handful of civilians have parked their cars to watch the aircraft.

Kalavarnadish, the king of Takshasila in 7th century founded this city in Thailand and named it after Lavpuri (Lahore) which later became Lobpuri.

Ayodhya was the capital of the Kosala Kingdom during the times of Rama.

The five Kosala kingdoms mentioned in Mahabharata are Eastern Kosala was captured by the Magadha king Jarasandha, who was later killed by Bhima in the Kurukshetra war of Mahabharata.

Central Kosala, the original Kosala ruled by Rama, still had Ayodhya as its capital during the times of Mahabharata and was ruled by Dheerghayaghnya.