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when she's on City Council, her decisions have a much wider impact," Schur said in an interview on the set of the show."So we actually have Bradley Whitford say to [Leslie] at a point in the episode, 'Look, this is City Council, we play with live ammo.'" Though Schur hadn't seen the finished episode yet, he said there were several small "West Wing" homages in it, and he told the director if there was room for a "West Wing"-style walk-and-talk with Amy Poehler and Bradley Whitford, he "wouldn't complain." But don't look for a mini-"West Wing" reunion in Pawnee: Rob Lowe, who played Seaborn, did not share a scene with his "West Wing" castmate Whitford.It is suggested that the data provided in this chapter warrants continued taxonomic research in the least-studied or unknown groups in light of existing threats to marine biodiversity.

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"If you’re really high up in the government, you can’t hold two jobs.

But you can if you’re in Leslie’s position," said Schur, who'd spoken to a high-ranking Indiana state official for research. I’m not saying that’s what we’re going to take, but it was good to know." When I expressed reservations about Leslie losing -- wouldn't a loss go against the can-do, optimistic spirit of the show?

-- Schur explained that the writers spent a long time thinking about how they could depict that situation without it seeming "like a sad bummer at the end of the year." "Winning the election isn’t the only way for her to be happy in her career," he noted.

The present overview summarizes the current status of taxonomic knowledge of the marine and coastal biodiversity of India.

The diversity of fauna and flora suggests that the number of species known could be of the order of 17,795 or higher in India.