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It was the now-regular annual press call from panto producers First Family Entertainment, who have been putting on shows around the country for the past six years.

Middle Ages ecclesiastical art was primarily didactic.And finally there was the will of the donors of the windows, whose personal preferences determined the subjects of many excellent works that clearly cannot be related to any comprehensive iconographic program.Some idea of the scope of these medieval enterprises can be indicated by the fact that Chartres, by no means the largest of the cathedrals, contains more than 27,000 square feet (2,500 square metres) of stained glass, in 176 windows.Both texts and excavation testify to the existence of stained-glass windows before the 12th century, but the textual references are too brief and nontechnical to give any clear picture of how the art evolved.The writings of the Fathers of the Latin church—Lactantius (), Prudentius (348–after 405), and St.

Who is dirk benedict dating