Who is nicole linkletter dating

In 2008, she hosted the reality series 's Cycle Five, Nicole Linkletter (born February 27, 1985) impressed the judges.

Since winning the Cover Girl contract, Linkletter has also modeled for companies like Secret Deodorant, Milk Boutique, So Low and Crystal Rock by Christian Audigier; appeared in magazines like winners to have her Cover Girl contract renewed), Ford, Pastry, and Victoria's Secret.

Tyra said of Linkletter, "..has the model 'thing' more than any of our other winners – the body type, the face type and the attitude,......She was probably the creepiest person to ever crawl onto Top Model like a woodland nymph set free from the woods, but she was also the rare awkward and sweet character.Still, maybe don't tell Tyra that you think nose bleeds are great because blood is beautiful. Tyra has spent her prime teaching us how to smize, how to be on top, and how to make everything about ourselves. Let’s see who’s still in the running towards becoming America’s next top America’s Next Top Model cycle. Cycle 19 (along with Cycle 20) has the single worst judging lineup in series history. The so-called "College Edition" was a non-starter, and all the best remaining members of the show's cast were summarily dismissed.Winner: Laura James Favorite Model: Nastasia Scott Cycle Villain: Let's come back to this one in a second. The social media component was also weak and served little purpose.