Who is pilar dating

The Cash Money CEO has had a history of dating some pretty high profile, and beautiful women.Which shouldn’t be a surprise that the boss is dating the legendary Toni Braxton.Pilar's second appearance was when she is seen rocking the newly born, by then unnamed Steven Botwin and who she called a "little milk ball [...] who would end a career of a very promising politician".Later it was revealed that it was she who ordered a hit on Nancy.Although Birdman has been in seven public relationships, he keeps his dating life very private.We have the scoop on his dating history with photos below: Mia Dumas 1995 – the two have a daughter together.On Saturday, Nemer will join Mac Laughlin and Blois at Mic Mac Mall in Dartmouth for an open casting call for season 4 of the hit Global reality TV show. The Mexican-born Nemer, one of 10 siblings, didn’t plan to audition. “The thing to remember is it is not a job interview. If you don’t make it you can try again.” She said Martin tried out multiple times. They (casting producers) know what they’re looking for.“I was in Halifax that weekend and I was a huge fan of Jillian and Emmett and I went to meet them and they weren’t there at the time so I decided to try out while I waited. You have to be yourself and stay true to who you are.

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Pilar Zuazo is a powerful Mexican politician who owns a lot of favors.

She revealed that she knew about Nancy's attempt at trying to kill her.

She gave Nancy a tip that next time, she should hire someone who does not work for her and does not have a grudge for being ratted out—pertaining to Guillermo and Nancy telling the DEA about the tunnel.

News hit the web this week after Toni Braxton’s show at the Fox Theatre that she is officially dating Birdman.

Braxton 48, brought Birdman 47, on stage and told the crowd to put some respect on his name.