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It is likely to be a lifelong attraction between these two because the sex is so emotionally safe.

When It’s Over: It’s very sad if this relationship ends. Scorpio will remain protective even through a break up, and Pisces will never get over it.

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The project had originally been set to debut in the fall of 2012, but after a gunman opened fire on a crowd inside a Colorado movie theater, the film was delayed for revisions and pushed back to January 2013.

Scorpio especially will try and find out how deep he can go without getting rejected or hurt. These two can create a real sense of intimacy and abiding trust. This gives love making a lilting quality where needs are responded to instinctively.

As Pisces passes the test, he’ll relax and reveal himself, drawing the two closer. Sex: Sex is an important way of communicating between two water signs. Sex can be used as a form of communion and is definitely a way to draw closer together.

Famous Scorpio-Pisces Couples: Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes, Ben Foster and Laura Prepon This can be a match made in heaven.

Though a little uncomfortable for Pisces, this pairing allows her to worry, fret and make the kind of little sacrifices she finds natural.